Denise Lee's Confidence Booster Guide

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You frequently question your abilities if you do not reach a sales goal?
  • You find yourself doubting yourself or abilities at least once a week?
  • A bad day in business can make you feel miserable for the rest of the week?
If so, it is time for a CONFIDENCE BOOST!

This is What You Will Get From My Confidence Booster Guide

 RELEASE Mistakes From the Past. 
Stop feeling bad about what could or could not happen. Learn to be present and happier your RIGHT NOW.

✨TARGET the Correct Customers. 
Stop 🏃 running to customers and have your customers come to you. You do not have to post 23,499 times on social media if your messaging is correct. Learn how to create contents based on clients pain or pleasure points.

✨EMBRACE Your Inner Champion!
You are good just the way you are now. Learn how to tap into your strength and let your inner champion come out!

My name is Denise Lee and I want to help you make more money and become more organized, efficient and productive.

I am wife, mother and friend but most of all, I am a business coach dedicated to help passionate, caring and motivated people become phenomenal business owners.

I was raised in Silver Spring, MD – a suburb outside of Washington, DC. For almost 10 years I worked for the Federal Government. I oversaw multiple-million dollar projects for federal agencies such as the Census Bureau and FEMA. I also ran a successful personal training business that won multiple awards and received TV coverage.

But as much I loved the Nation’s Capital, I hated the winters. It was time for me to make a change.

In April 2017 my family and I escaped to Austin, Texas. I love Texas but I did not anticipate how hot a Texan summer can be! I am a fan of fitness and nature. When I am not meeting with clients, you can find me hiking in a local trail.

My new mission to connect with people like you and help you grow your business with confidence, integrity and a confident attitude. To your success! - Denise Lee