What if you could DOUBLE 
your closing rate in 5 weeks? 

Now is the time to INCREASE sales and DECREASE the worries and anxieties.

Yes, you can sell consistently

Selling DOES NOT have to be hard when you:

  • Feel 100% confident about yourself and your ability to sell. 
  • Sell to the right people with the RIGHT offers.
  • Have people asking YOU for help. No more begging or using any sleazy selling strategy.

Too many service-based business owners like yourself are missing out on THOUSANDS of dollars from ideal prospects because you do not have the correct selling tools. 

Too many coaches are afraid of asking for the sale because they are afraid of perceived as, "bossy, anxious or pushy."

Too many consultants are under-charging their worth because they are afraid of not making a sale.

Too many service-based providers are not able to pay their bills every month. 

You deserve to feel confident and make more sales TODAY.

Selling Superstar

In 6 Weeks, Go From Being Afraid to Sell to Selling with Confidence and Charisma.
 A Self-Study 5 Week Program For Those
Who Want to Sell with CONFIDENCE!

Did I Get Your Attention?

    Build CONFIDENCE in yourself and your ability to sell. 
    Learn how to be more confident about yourself as a business owner, your offerings and how to position yourself in front of your clients.

    No more second guessing yourself, your offers or when your next sale will come from.

    Get CLARITY about your ideal client and what they need.
    This will teach you how to make your offers clear, compelling and desirable. 

    Get people BEGGING to give you their money. 

    Market yourself and your offerings in a way that feels good for yourself and your ideal customers. 

    Get CASH more consistently. 
    You deserve to be rewarded for your efforts. We will talk about how to create low and high end offers that feel good to you and help give you consistent income. 

    Understand how to create consistent cash-flow so you can earn more every single month.

Meet Denise, Your Mentor and Friend.

I’m Denise Lee, confidence booster, plan maker, and all ‘round partner in coaching you to the greatness you were born to be.

I help savvy business owners like you cut through the crap and see things for how they are, not for how you’d like them to be.

I help you come up with plans that are realistic for your stage of business. I help empower you to know who you are and what you want to accomplish.

And I do it because, for far too long, I was dying inside, thinking that I needed somebody to affirm me and make me feel like I was worth attention.

I did not realize that the power was already inside of me and it is within ALL OF US.

Feeling good about myself is intrinsically tied to growing my business for so long.

And if you are covering up sh*t that is blocking you emotionally and spiritually, then you will not grow. I want to be the support people like you need me to be, that second pair of eyes, to help you grow emotionally and professionally.

A Friendly Warning:
I do NOT believe that there is only ONE way to grow a business and I do NOT mind telling you when you are hurting yourself and your chances of success. 


    Passionate COACHES - who want to make an impact and change the lives of their soul mate clients.

     Act, think and behave as an authority figure who is able to provide their clients measurable results. 

    Creative ARTISTS - who want to create products that their clients will love. 

    End the feast and famine and make sure you get paid consistently throughout the entire year.

    Ambitious SERVICE PROVIDERS - who want to make sure they are provide craveable offers that their customers LOVE.

    Learn how to create products that are custom-built for your ideal clients.

    AND this is for ANYONE who wants to feel more CALM, COOL and more CONFIDENT in running their online business.  

    Yes! You Deserve to feel more CONFIDENT, COOL. 

    You got it! Now it is time to GET SOME CASH!

In 5 Weeks, You will MASTER your Selling Skills
This is How the Selling Superstar Program Works.

Get CLEAR about Things 
We will talk about who you are, what you want to sell, and how to make the selling process simple, clean and easy. All of this lays the foundation for selling products and services that matter to you and to your ideal client. 

This process is going to help you energetically attract clients that LOVE you and your work. 
Master Your Secret SELLING Sauce 
Your product is good because it came from you. Your secret sauce are all of the elements of who you are and your unique offerings. 

In this module we are going to create some finger-licking good content that your ideal customer is going to LOVE to gobble up. 
Amp Up Your Selling Mojo 
A secret sauce is NOTHING without a heavy dose of charisma and confidence. 

In this section you will learn some simple, yet POWERFUL tips to amp up your confidence and feel great before any type of sales call.  

We will talk about how to create a pre-sales call routine that will make you feel like a winner (regardless of the outcome of the sales call).
Overcoming COMMON Selling Objections 
Ever heard this before?
🚫"I don't need it."  
🚫"It is too expensive" 
🚫 "Now is not the time" 

No more hearing yourself say, "It is okay - I will get that next sale."  No more NOT GETTING paid. 

This week you will learn how to overcome common selling objections. 

Coach your prospective customer from saying, "not interested" to "I want to buy this."  

We will talk about the common reasons why prospects say no, the reasons why they say it and how to motivate them to invest into themselves.
Avoiding Bad or Train-Wreck Clients 
Repeat After Me: Not Every Client is A Good Client For Me. 

 I know it may sound like such an easy idea, but it is much harder to internalize. 

Avoid potential nightmare clients that refuse to pay for services rendered, threaten to trash your Yelp! Page or drag you into small claims court

In this section we will talk about the common charactersits of nightmare clients. Already have a nightmare client? No worries - we will talk about how to deal with them with class and style. 
BONUS Material (Worth $300)  
Sample Sales Pages and Email Message that Convert Prospects into Clients!

Get my battle-tested sales pages, email messages and social media posts that get people BEGGING to give you their money

Learn the exact script I use to create urgency, intrigue and value into my content.
I will also give you workbooks and other resources that will help you grow your service-based business. 

These resources will help you manage your time, stay focused and on-track on your promotional schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-study course. Will I get all the material ALL at once or on a schedule?
To make sure you do not rush and master the materials, you will receive new information after week under a drip schedule. 

You will receive an email notification from once a new module is released.

What kind of material will I receive?
You will get a combination of video, audio and text from me. 

Some modules I will be asking you SPECIFIC questions about you, your ideal client and your offers. 

Each module is designed to help you build confidence about yourself, sell with passion and purpose and present your offers to the right people. 

If I have a question or concern, who can I contact?
As part of your enrollment in this program you will be added in a special community page within the course. 

You can ask me a question and view other questions from other students of this course. You can also communicate with other students in the community page.

Who else can benefit from Selling Superstar?
Anyone who offers a service will benefit from this taking this course. 

This includes relators, multi-level marketers, massage therapist, healers, photographers, or even performers.

This course is designed to help you improve your charisma and feel more confident about yourself or your ability to make more.

Can I take this Selling Superstar again after I finish it?
Absolutely you can access the material again.

In fact, I recommend that you take the course repeatedly until you master the information in this course. 

I want this! How much?

  • Installment Plan
  • 7 payments of

    $75 USD

    per month

    Pay it off in 7, low-cost installments

    Get It Now
  • Pay in Full For Sales Superstar

    $499 USD



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Expect a transformation. Yes! Expect big things to happen as we begin to shift your mindset.
 Make sure you budget your time into this program.

And feel free to take this course OVER and over again. You are going to love this course.
It will be a GAME CHANGER in how you operate your business.

Got a question? Let me know using the form below.