A 6 Month Program Designed to Remove Obstacles and GROW Your Business with Support, Strategy and a Solid System.

    • IMAGINE 👉🏾Onboarding awesome clients without using 13,009+ new ideas you saw online or heard on a podcast.

    • IMAGINE 👉🏾Growing an online audience without buying followers, sending messages to strangers on social media or joining an engagement pod.
    • IMAGINE👉🏾Creating new programs and services that you can sell with ease. No more sleepless nights wondering if your offers or services will sell.


    • They are all possible to obtain.

    • Let me help you reach your business goals FASTER.

You are WORTHY.
It is time to end the  
Anxiety, Fear and Doubt.

    • In six months, everything could be in place for you to finally leave all the excuses and knots in your stomach.

      And when we’re done, you will have a firm foundation that helps you:

    • 🔥Feel fabulous about the trajectory of your business.
    • 🔥Operate with confidence because you now have a custom plan.
    • 🔥Take action despite past setbacks and fears.

      I will help you overcome the negative voices in your head and so that you no longer wonder what you’re doing. You now have the courage and drive towards accomplishing your dreams.

      No more hiding.

      No more “forgetting” what you’re supposed to do.

      No more doubt about your purpose.

      By taking those thoughts and turning them into fuel, via my process of teasing out what haunts you, you will no longer be chained to where you are, while your purpose sits on the shelf, waiting to be brought to light.

    Think you don’t know what to do?

    You do.

    Think you don’t have time to do it all?

    You do.

    Think it’s too hard? Or Want An Easy, Get-Rich Fast Scheme

    This program is not meant for you. 

    BUT....if you are looking for a transformation, continue reading.

    This is the Process

      During the Royalty program you will receive private coaching and access to my entire teaching curriculum.

      Instantly access  mindset and strategy ideas which will positively impact you and your community.

      How much coaching time is included?
      In total you will receive up to 18 hours of time with me.
      Up to 1.5 hours during each private session.
      A total of 2 sessions per month.

      In addition, you will have access to me via Marco Polo, a video/text communication service where we can talk privately in between sessions. 

      MONTH ONE 


      Before you can sell ANYTHING, you need to be clear about your values,  your ideal client and how you want to help your customers achieve their goals.

      Learn about your unique personality type and how to maximize your unique talents and abilities.

      At the end of this month, you will address and conquer your scarcity issues, claim your power as a business-owner and create a powerful magnet to attract the right people and things into your life.

      We will also create a custom 60-day action plan to help you attain your goals.



      Now is the time to obtain customers who love you and what you have to offer.

      Using your unique strengths and talents, we will create offers and services that are packed with value.

      Learn how to price your high-end packaging to attract people who are able and willing to work with you.

      Avoid the four common mistakes people make when creating digital offerings.



      You need a system to sell all of your digital products. More importantly, you need to know how to sell your products online. 

      In this month you will learn about maximizing your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and how to use it effectively. It does not matter if you use Active Campaign, Hubspot, or Salesforce or have no idea how any of these services work. 

      In addition, you will understand how to integrate  and use common digital marketing tools. 

      You will learn how to capture leads and market to them using various marketing products. 

      We will also discuss how to fully utilize your social media accounts and website.

      You will learn the secrets to gaining a large following of paying customers.   


      Master your unique voice.  
      No copycatting or imitating others online.   

      DISCOVER the seven most common forms of influence that leading social marketers use to create consistent sales.

      You will also learn the science behind how social media works and how you can use it to your advantage.  

      Learn four major types of content and how to use them throughout your all of your social media accounts.   

      Understand how to create scroll-stopping videos, eye-catching written posts and share-worthy email messages.



      Four months into our coaching and you are now having many conversations with prospective clients. 

      Emotions are high.

      This means your content is triggering your ideal clients. This is good. 

      I will teach you how to STEER and GUIDE people towards your desired action.  

      Learn my 3 "C" formula to implanting persuasive ideas into the minds of your ideal clients.   

      In the end you will create a POWERFUL bond your online audience.

      MONTH SIX 


      Worried about audience fatigue and burnout? In this month you will learn the 12 "Angles of Positioning."  

      This is a technique master sellers use to sell the same thing in many different ways.  Never run out of creating new and fresh content with this methodology.

      This is SUPER IMPORTANT because we want you to build a loyal following of CUSTOMERS who will recommend you and your business to their friends.

      And most importantly, learn how to disqualify prospects who would not be a good fit in a super cool and relaxed way. 

      BONUS: Learn about the 4 Day Cash FLOW Sequence.

      No More Playing Small.
      Receive the Resources You Need to Succeed.

      I am invested in YOUR SUCCESS
      It is time to receive the ROYAL Treatment 

      Exhale and share your concerns, wins and fears privately with me. 

      You will not be alone throughout this transformation process!

      Each session will be recorded so you can re-watch each session whenever necessary.

      You will receive a welcome package that will give you the structure and security to help make your goals realistic and attainable.

      Gone are the days of feeling clueless about what you should do to earn more money.

      Now is time time to help your clients solve problems, increase your outreach and strategize your selling process. 

      What EXACTLY is included in Denise's coaching library?

       10+ HOURS of Video and Audio Trainings
      Learn new ideas about mindset, strategy,  business planning and content creation .

      Access to over 40 Worksheets
      These resources  will help you organize your mind, eliminate the distractions and create attainable business goals.

      Sample Sales Pages 
      Learn CRITICAL selling terms which will create more interest and create more sales.

      Receive EVERYTHING you need to grow a profitable business.

      All of this ALONE is valued at $3,000.

      Who is this program for?

      Who is this program for?

      Coaches, artists and consultants who are tired of feeling overwhelmed.

      Who's is the program NOT FOR?
      New business owners or those who are unwilling to put in the work, show up consistently and those addicted to fear and doubt.

      It’s time to show up.
      I got your back.


      Christine H


      I was about to quit my business before I met Denise. I was drowning in debt and was about to sell it and give up. Denise helped transformed how I viewed my business and how I wanted to help people.

      Tiffany H

      Marketing Manager

      Denise helped me create AWESOME marketing material and completely change how I sell online.

      Sara K

      Alicia Miranda Vintage

      Denise has completely transformed my brand. I show up with more confidence, I know what to say online and I am confident how to price my products to my ideal customers


      As a recap, this is what you are receiving in the Royalty Program:


      Access all of my coaching programs, which includes hours of worksheets, training guides and sales page examples.

      VALUED AT: $4,000


      Meet with me for up to 2 hours. All conversations will be recorded so that you may listen to them later.

      VALUED AT $5,000


      Similar to Voxxer, speak with me via Marco Polo for up to two times in between scheduled coaching sessions.

      VALUED AT $1,000

      The coaching programs, check-in sessions and private sessions alone are valued at $10,000.

      Enroll today and you will get access Royalty at the special price listed below.

      • 6 Month Business Coaching Contract

        $5600 USD


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      • 6 Month Business Coaching Monthly Payment Plan
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        $1017 USD

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