Confidence, Clarity and Cash!

Learn the Tools to Create an Online Following and Make MORE Money at the Same Time!

 A Self-Study Program For Those
Who Want to Sell IN-DEMAND Offers!

Is there such a thing as too much confidence?

Confidence which allows you to:

  • Feel confident about who you are and your ability to make money.
  • Instinctively know what to say and what NOT to say.
  • Turn on the positive energy that is already inside of you.
  • Show up with confidence, ask for the sale and receive the income you deserve.

This is YOUR TIME to remove any limiting beliefs about yourself.


No more excuses about your ability to launch and scale your business. 

I’m Denise Lee, confidence booster, plan maker, and all ‘round partner in coaching you to the greatness you were born to be.

I help savvy business owners like you cut through the crap and see things for how they are, not for how you’d like them to be.

I help you come up with plans that are realistic for your stage of business. I help empower you to know who you are and what you want to accomplish.

And I do it because, for far too long, I was dying inside, thinking that I needed somebody to affirm me and make me feel like I was worth attention.

I did not realize that the power was already inside of me and it is within ALL OF US.

Feeling good about myself is intrinsically tied to growing my business for so long.

And if you are covering up shit that is blocking you emotionally and spiritually, then you will not grow. I want to be the support people like you need me to be, that second pair of eyes, to help you grow emotionally and professionally.

A Friendly Warning:
I do NOT believe that there is only ONE way to grow a business and I do NOT mind telling you when you are hurting yourself and your chances of success. 

Did I Get Your Attention? Are you ready for a BIG shift?

    Build CONFIDENCE in yourself and your ability to sell.
    Increase confidence about yourself, create great offerings and learn how to position yourself as an authority in front of your clients.

    • Gain CLARITY about yourself and your ideal audience
    • Learn how to market yourself and your offerings in a way that feels good for yourself and your ideal customers. 

    • Get CASH consistently.
    • You deserve to be rewarded for your efforts. We will talk about how to create low and high end offers that feel good to you and help give you consistent income.

Who Needs More Clarity, Confidence and Cash?

Passionate COACHES - who want to make an impact and change the lives of their soul mate clients. Act, think and behave as an authority figure who is able to provide their clients measurable results. 

    • Creative ARTISTS - who want to create products that their clients will love. End the feast and famine and make sure you get paid consistently throughout the entire year.

    • Ambitious SERVICE PROVIDERS - who want to make sure they are provide craveable offers that their customers LOVE. Learn how to create products that are custom-built for your ideal clients.

    • AND this is for ANYONE who wants to feel more CALM, COOL and more CONFIDENT in running their online business.  


Clear up the confusion and get focused on who you are and what matters most. Identify what really matters to you and your ideal customers.  Address the root causes BEHIND why you were afraid to show up and sell consistently.  

Eliminate the Shiny Objects Syndrome
Shiny Objects are distractions which take you off-course from your business journey. Remove insecurities and learn how to avoid getting sidetracked.  Get focused and motivated on yourself and your goals.  

Your Unique Brand Identity
You are unique, so is your brand. In this section we will talk about how to embrace the unique power that is within you.  No more trying to be a second rate version of yourself or someone you admire. In this module you will step into your most authentic version of yourself.  

Get ready to showcase your unique bold and powerful energy!

      Become a Goal Getter 
      Create a schedule that makes sense for you. It does not matter if you work full-time in your business or this is your side-hustle. Maximize your time and productivity with these little-known, but highly effective tools.

      Be BOLD in Business!!
      This is all about you. This is about showing your audience who you are in your purest form. The world needs the best version of yourself.  DISCOVER how to feel more confident on a physical and spiritual level.

      Heal from Past Hangups
      You cannot grow in your business while still holding onto the past.
      Identify, remove and block all the negative energy which has stopped you in the past.

      Become UNSHAKEABLE During Times of Stress
      Never feel afraid of your ability to make money. It does not matter whether the economy is going good or bad. It does not matter if you see other people making more money than you. You can make money if you feel confident in yourself.
      Turbo boost your confidence, even in moments of stress.

      Create Conversations that Lead into CONVERSIONS!!
      If your audience is not communicating with you, odds are they are not buying from you. We will talk about how you can jump start conversations with everyone - even from a cold audience. I have included a social media guide to help you create fun and engaging discussions.

      Get That CASH! 
      Create offers that align with your values.
      You will learn how to masterfully sell products that you love to your ideal audience with integrity.

      Low Cost or FREE Promotion 
      Strategies Selling is really tough if you have little to no money. No need to fear about this. I have MANY solutions to sell your products to a large audience using little to no advertising money.

      MASTER Your Money Relationship
      Your relationship with money Your relationship about money is just as important as making it. Learn how you view money and how to make wise investment decisions.

      🎉There is MORE, MUCH MORE🎉

      Sample HIGH PERFORMING sales pages. Learn when and where to use them.

      Sample selling scripts which get people EXCITED and ready to buy!

      All of these alone are worth $250.

      Get ALL THE TOOLS you will need to sell with Boldness!

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      Expect a transformation. Yes! Expect big things to happen as we begin to shift your mindset.Make sure you budget your time into this program.  
      And feel free to take this course OVER and over again. You are going to love this course. It will be a GAME CHANGER in how you operate your business. 
      There are no refunds. But I doubt you would even consider asking because I am going to overdeliver value to you.